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During his career working for the BBC, National
, PBS and other production companies,
Neil has travelled all around the world and has filmed
in some of the most remote habitats on the planet,
including a long stint in the Arctic and years in the
tropical rainforests from New Guinea and the Congo
to remote areas of the Amazon.  He has filmed a
wide variety of animals and birds, from primates to
bears to raptors, and is considered one of the
world’s top raptor cinematographers, renowned for
his ability to follow birds in flight and understand
their behavior.

Neil is an accomplished technical climber and was a
pioneer in developing tracking systems for moving
the camera through space in the vertical worlds of
tropical forests.  His career began when, as a
passionate 23-year-old, he became obsessed with
the rare and powerful Harpy Eagle and headed an
expedition to Central America which resulted in the
first moving images of this enigmatic bird. 

After the success of the Harpy Eagle mission, Neil
turned his attention to the endangered Philippine
Eagle and spent two years obtaining unique footage
of these birds, at the same time contributing to the
scientific knowledge of the species and making
educational films in multiple languages to encourage
its conservation and protection.  Throughout his
career, Neil has focused on education and
conservation of the wild places and animals he has
filmed.  In recent years, he has turned his attention
closer to home, making a series of award winning
on the Mississippi River, and donating his
talents to documenting the effects of the Gulf oil
spill on migrating birds and their habitats.

Neil is a Master Falconer, accomplished still
photographer, scuba diver and animal trainer.  When
not traveling, he lives on a farm in rural southwest
Wisconsin which he shares with his wife Laura and
many birds including his trained harpy eagle Cal,
who has starred in many films and is an ambassador
for rainforest conservation when Neil and Cal give
educational talks throughout the country.

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