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Neil Rettig Production is a company that provides
cinematography and field production services using the latest
HD technology to capture images and life in the natural world.

Neil Rettig is a world renowned 6 time Emmy Award winning
cinematographer with over 40 years experience filming rare
and endangered species world wide. Over the past four
decades Rettig has contributed to the production of hundreds
of films, including IMAX Productions, National Geographic
Specials, and Science Documentaries. Rettig’s work has resulted
in numerous awards for outstanding cinematography and
conservation. Neil has also published popular articles in National
Geographic, Audubon, and other high profile magazines. His
knowledge of raptors, especially the rare forest Eagles, has
resulted in scientific publications and a greater understanding
of critically endangered species such as the Philippine and Harpy
Eagles. Rettig’s fieldwork has been instrumental in the
conservation of rare and threatened animals, the establishment
of protected ecosystems around the world, and breeding
projects for endangered species. Neil has been acclaimed
for his creative eye, artistic composition, lightning fast ability
to capture the moment, and intimacy with the subject.

Our mission is to use the power and influence of photograpy
and research to convince humanity to cherish, save, and
respect the natural world.

Neil Rettig and Dr. Laura Johnson

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Neil Rettig Productions is partnering with Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Philippine Eagle Foundation to produce new education and conservation films about the world's most endangered eagle. Multiple films will air in 2015 and 2016, in an effort to bring the world's attention to the plight of the Philippine Eagle and it's forest habitat.

Click HERE for the Philippine Eagle Project Proposal!


Philipine Eagle

Neil Rettig shooting bud

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